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About MEA

The Ontario Municipal Engineers Association (MEA) is a fifty year old association of public sector Professional Engineers in the full time employment of municipalities performing the various functions that comprise the field of public works and municipal engineering.

Mission Statement
To provide unity and focus for licensed engineers employed byOntario's municipalities by addressing issues of common concern and by facilitating the sharing of knowledge and information.

To be a resource in matters relating to municipal engineering, theMEA will:

1, develop and champion positions on municipal engineering issues
2, be an advocate for sound municipal engineering
3. disseminate information and provide training
4. recognize outstanding achievements of municipal engineers

LINK TO WEBSITE: http://www.municipalengineers.on.ca/


About MFOA

The Municipal Finance Officers' Association (MFOA) was established in 1989 to represent the interests of Municipal Finance Officers across Ontario.

MFOA is the professional association of municipal finance officers in the Province of Ontario. MFOA promotes the interests of its members in carrying out their statutory and other financial responsibilities by initiating studies and sponsoring seminars to review, discuss and develop positions on important policy and financial management issues.

MFOA represents all of Ontario's regional municipalities, all of its large municipalities, and many of its mid-sized and small municipalities. Currently, over 2,000 individual members represent more than 350 municipalities. The membership roll features Chief Financial Officers and designates whose duties are primarily of a financial nature. The Association sponsors and encourages meetings and seminars, for the purpose of reviewing, discussing and developing positions on financial issues.

MFOA is an affiliate member of the Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO).  As well, MFOA encourage provincial-municipal task groups addressing municipal finance issues.

LINK TO WEBSITE: http://www.mfoa.on.ca


About OPWA

The Ontario Public Works Association (OPWA) is the Ontario Chapter of the Canadian Public Works Association (CPWA) and the American Public Works Association (APWA).  Membership in APWA/CPWA numbers approximately 29,000 in 64 Chapters across Canada and the United States, making it the largest and longest-established public works association in the world.

OPWA is by far the largest Canadian Chapter of APWA, with membership totalling slightly over 630 public works professionals in both the public and private sectors.  In keeping with its mandate, OPWA is truly the authoritative Voice of Public Works in Ontario.

Supported by its parent associations, OPWA offers a wealth of services to its members through a variety of technical workshops, social/recreational programs (skiing, curling and golf), newsletters and online resources aimed at providing information/training, problem solutions and networking.  The term "Public Works" encompasses many related and multi-faceted fields and OPWA provides resources for professionals and supervisors in each and every one.  It represents a single association covering all aspects of infrastructure - water and wastewater, roads and transit, solid waste management, municipal buildings and facilities, parks and recreation, snow and ice control, emergency management, utilities and rights-of-way.

LINK TO WEBSITE:   www.opwa.ca


About OWWA

The Ontario Water Works Association (OWWA) strives to be the leading resource dedicated to safe, sufficient and sustainable water from source to tap. It is a voluntary organization of water professionals. The OWWA provides leadership through education, innovation, continual improvements in customer relations, science and technology, and by participating in the development of government policy.

The goals of the OWWA are: to ensure a sustainable membership; to provide tailored and innovative education programs; to participate in the development of regulatory policy; to promote water stewardship to ensure safe, sufficient and sustainable drinking water in Ontario; and to strengthen its recognition as the leading authority on drinking water.

The OWWA is a section of the American Water Works Association (an organization of 57,000 members, founded in 1881). There are currently about 1600 OWWA members, representing research scientists, engineers, chemists, hydrogeologists, and managers and technicians employed at Ontario's municipal water systems.

The OWWA has more than 20 active committees dedicated to providing education, information, and leadership in water stewardship to its members, the public, and governments of all levels.

LINK TO WEBSITE: www.owwa.com


About WEAO

In 1993, the association's name was changed to the Water Environment Association of Ontario (WEAO). The Water Pollution Control Federation is now known as the Water Environment Federation (WEF).

WEAO is the preeminent organization of technical and professional individuals dedicated to the preservation and enhancement of Ontario's water environment.

WEAO's mission is to:

Deliver high quality service to our members;

Promote and advance the water environment industry;

Provide a forum for our members to interact for educational, business, social and professional advancement;

Benefit society by enhancing public understanding and promoting sound public policy.

WEAO has a membership of greater than 1300 members representing the consulting engineering, academic, environmental consulting, equipment supplier, provincial, and municipal sectors. There are more than 14 Committees dedicated to transfer information on issues such as asset management, wastewater treatment and technologies, residuals and biosolids, stormwater and watershed issues, etc. to members and the public.

LINK TO WEBSITE: www.weao.org
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